Lost Cause Recordings

Beginnings, Studio info and experiences

My name is James Hudson owner of Lost Cause Recordings, this started out as a small home project to allow me to record my own music and be able to market it to people, but after I had found I really enjoyed recording I decided to enroll in Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts, and it all took off from there, Lost Cause Recordings is currently one home studio which has a pro tools rig, a behringer 1622 FX mixer with 16 channels and 100 digital built in effects, M-Audio Studiophile monitors and a M-Audio Midi interface for digital music, this is currently a small project studio but is constantly expanding, I expect to have a larger mixer, and a new M-Audio interface soon, right after tax returns. I also do free lance work and have done some live sound recordings, I can run a live sound board, and have worked on a variety of different consoles, such as the Yamaha DM2000, The SSL Duality and a variety of mackie and behringer boards as well, although I dont own any of those consoles, except the Behringer 1622 for my studio. so far in my sound experience, I have only done studio recordings for myself and two local bands through Sheffields Audioworks program, I am currently mixing some of my own work as well as the live sound recordings I did for a variety of local bands that played open Mic night at walshs dockside tavern on January 5th, 2008, thanks to Ed Wells for allowing me to have that experience. If anyone would like me to record or mix their band contact me with your info and I will get back to you immediatley on how to arriange studio time and other things like that, use the contact form at the bottom of this page. I am also an established musician, I play guitar, piano, bass, and cello. So anyone in need of a studio musician feel free to contact me as well. Lost cause recordings will soon be expanding. and eventually move to new york with my good friend Rachel Martin from sheffield institutes audioworks program. Once again I would like to thank Ed Wells for all the help and feedback he has given me and for the suggestion of going to sheffield, sheffield was the best decision I ever made. I am officially a sheffield graduate now, graduated top of my class with the highest grade.

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