Lost Cause Recordings

Studio Specs


The Studio is equipped with a Beheringer Xenyx 1622 FX Mixing Console, it has 16 channels 2 stereo aux sends, a stereo sub bus, 100 preset digital effects including reverb, delay, chorus, flangers, phasers, echos, early reflection effects, and pitch shift as well as many multi effects. the console is run into a M-Audio fast track pro audio interface  and then into my computer, which is equipped with Pro tools M powered version 6.8 and N-track (a italian recording software similar to pro tools) and then through the interface back into the board and into my M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Monitors. Currently I only own 4 microphones but will be buying more soon I have a MXL 990 large diaphragm condensor mic which is great for vocals, and a MXL 991 small diaphragm pencil condensor which is great for almost anything, a EV cobalt condensor mic great on vocals and guitar, and a shure sm 57 dynamic mic good on instruments and guitar rigs. I will be soon purchasing many more mics. I also have a small wireless headphone system, with 2 sets of headphones, I have to get more of those I just havent been able to find any of the same brand so they connect to the wireless unit, I also own a set of wired sennhieser HD 202 headphones. I currently own a Casio keyboard, and I also have a 75 watt Line 6 Spyder III with built in effects and amp modeling . The computer I am using is a Acer Aspire 5570Z Laptop with an intel dual core pentium 4 Processor inside, 2 hard drives, I am currently running 2 operating systems on it because of compatibility issues between vista and protools so I am running vista and microsoft XP. That about sums it all up so any questions about my setup feel free to ask using the contact form on the home page.